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085 – Occupational Transition from Professional Sportsperson

Jesse recently retired from his professional rugby career and it seemed like an opportunity too good to pass up to pick his brain about navigating that transition into civilian life.

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083 – OT’s Role in Harm Minimisation

Exploring the Dark Side of Occupation in more detail this episode, Rina and I delve into the world of harm minimisation. A question that I've been asked by many students is how can you work with someone who is "using illicit substances" when its "illegal". When is "getting off"...

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082 – Danielle Delorenzo Talks Infant Mental Health

Danielle Delorenzo is well known to much of the online OT community and may be better known as @MorningswithanOTmom on Instagram. Danielle has a phenomenal personal story about becoming a mom and learning and growing with her neurodivergent son, Luke. She is also qualified in infant mental health which...

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081 – Promoting Strength through Adaptive Training

This episode we discussed the progression of adaptive training focusing mostly on the functional fitness world. Exploring the training of those with a disability from a coaching to a competing perspective.

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080 – From Depression to Advocacy for an Unbreakable Woman

Ciara and I discuss depression and other mental illnesses, training, resilience, emotional flexibility and recovery. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

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