086 – The 2020 Occupied Guide to Job Interviews

You asked for it, so here it is! The 2020 Occupied guide to job interviews. With the assistance of the awesome Erin Jeffords we give you the extent of our knowledge and experience to best prepare you for your first or next job interview. If you’re a student, a newgrad or an OT looking to brush up on their job-hunting skills then tune in and learn how you can give yourself the best shot at landing that job!

We explore tips for everything from the preparation right through to what to do post interview.

  • How to nail down your preparation
  • How to practice for your interview
  • What to research prior to your interview
  • Being self-aware and open to feedback
  • How to present your 100% authentic self in the best way
  • Types of interviews
  • Followup post-interview

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